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Tide Of Business Worries Over Flood Insurance Recedes

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Last year the establishment of FloodRe brought huge relief to households up and down the country as flood insurance for domestic properties was now to be made available throughout the UK – with a small number of exceptions.
However, the scheme introduction meant huge problems for business as any business premises, including mixed use such as pubs, retail with living accommodation and even buy to let houses were denied the benefits of the new arrangements.

Subcontracting. What are the Insurance ramifications?

Is there a difference between Bona Fide and Labour Only Sub-Contractors? They are both the same – right?

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There is no legal definition of different types of self-employed persons but it is essential to correctly determine the status of sub-contractors to ensure the correct insurance cover is in place.
If a sub-contractor is a bona-fide sub-contractor (BFSC), Employers’ Liability Insurance is not required but if a sub-contractor is a labour only sub-contractors (LOSC), Employers’ Liability Insurance is required. However, a main contractor still requires contingency public liability cover for the acts of BFSC and needs to have a system in place to ensure that the BFSC does indeed have their own cover.
Hopefully the following guide will make the decision-making process easier and help employing contractors:

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Businesses and individuals are always being reminded of the rising risk of cyber-crime, either as a safety precaution from their insurance broker or simply from the steady stream of high profile businesses whose encounters with hackers have made the news.
But what are we actually up against with cyber-crime? Knightsure’ s Tony Knight looks behind the screens to highlight some of the ways in which cyber criminals make their mark:
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