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Personal Injury Discount Rate

New Damages Rules Will Damage Every Business

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Any business owners may have missed or thought that there was no significance to their business of the recent announcement by the Lord Chancellor reducing the personal injury discount rate from 2.5% to minus 0.75%, effective 20 March 2017.
However, the change is so significant that it will affect all individuals and businesses by increasing insurance premiums for both motor and liability covers.
The irony following recently announced changes to the small claims limit – intended to lower insurance premiums – has not gone unnoticed.

business flood insurance

Tide Of Business Worries Over Flood Insurance Recedes

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Last year the establishment of FloodRe brought huge relief to households up and down the country as flood insurance for domestic properties was now to be made available throughout the UK – with a small number of exceptions.
However, the scheme introduction meant huge problems for business as any business premises, including mixed use such as pubs, retail with living accommodation and even buy to let houses were denied the benefits of the new arrangements.

Knightsure Insurance Brokers Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

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On 29 March 2015, Knightsure Insurance Brokers Ltd celebrated their 25th anniversary of the commencement of trading. Tony Knight comments “ I would just like to place on record my thanks to all of my clients over the years who have continued to put their trust in the advice I have given to ensure their businesses are fully protected by adequate insurance.”
By being a member of Broker Network, Knightsure are able to compete with major competitors and provide exclusive cover and prices. It is a fact that back in 1990, the technology available was an electric typewriter and a fax machine and as evidence of the huge sea changes in the business, over the years, Knightsure won a national award for effective use of technology at the end of 2014.
Our thanks to Deep South Media Ltd of Bournemouth who helped us with the press release which can be found by visiting this link
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Weather warning this weekend

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You may have seen the severe weather warnings issued by the Met Office today. These relate to the windy weather expected over the weekend and early next week, particularly across the South, where there could be gusts of wind up to 80 miles per hour. With that in mind, the team at Hiscox Insurance has put together a reminder of some sensible actions to take to keep property, but more importantly people, safe – and which you may wish to share with your colleagues. Read more >>

Tony Knight wins Brokermind 2013!

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Hundreds of insurance brokers entered the annual Insurance Times Brokermind competition launched in May at the BIBA conference. The competition, sponsored by Zurich Insurance is based on the BBC “Mastermind” series Read more >>